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Pet Therapy - Cuddles On Demand

We leverage the stress reduction effect of human-dog interaction, a concept successfully implemented in various industries across the world. We were the first company to introduce this concept in India since we think that with the rising economy of the country, the stress levels are increasing at an alarming rate. This stress, if not treated, may even cause clinical depression in certain cases & hence we want to offer our services to help with the same. We provide our services to residences, educational as well as corporate organisations.

For NGOs our service is pro bono as we believe in spreading unconditional love and affection to those in need.

Dog Training

Training one’s dog has been considered a luxury for the longest time now, not knowing that it's actually a need instead. It not only increases your dog's social skills, but also provides him with adequate required mental and physical stimulation.

To help you transform your dog into an educated citizen of the canine world, we can provide the following kinds of education to your dog depending upon his/her temperament and learning capability:

Obedience | Advance Obedience | Behaviour Modification | Show Dog Training | 

Service Dog training: Protection, Sniffer & Therapy


Dog Boarding

With AC rooms and spacious kennels for dogs, Our boarding is one of the highest rated boarding facilities in Delhi-NCR region. With us, your pooches are always under care as we have 24X7 CCTV cameras as well as skilled and trained staff which can handle all types of dogs.


Be it any pet, we always always provide customised food as per your pets’ needs. Upon coming on board, we will always make a WhatsApp group with our manager and the owner, where regular video and photo updates are shared. 

Pet Friendly Cafe

Fur Ball Story provides a multi-cuisine restaurant for you and your pooches. With spacious indoor and out door seating, we provide an enjoyable experience where you can enjoy your food while playing with your pet.

Our dog food menu in one of the best in India, specially curated by Rashee Kuchroo –

a renowned pet dietician, from Doggie Dabbas, as we want all the pooches to eat nutritious and healthy food.

Come over with your pet to have a memorable time at our cafe!


Dog Walking

We provide well-trained pet coaches and pet walkers, with minimum 1 year experience of pet walking. Not just this, the walkers have been trained exclusively by the Dog Expert team. To top this, you can also track your walker with live location. This makes your dog walking experience seamless and stress-free!

Location Available: Gurugram & Delhi


We offer a pool exclusively made for the puppers. Did you know that almost all dogs are natural swimmers? Well, they are! Swimming is very important for all dogs as it provides them with ample mental and physical stimulation. It also has a lot of medical benefits such as improved hip-dysplasia, and stronger hind legs. The dogs that go into the pool are always accompanied by a handler and the small puppers are always given a life jacket. Their safety is our top most priority. 

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Dog Grooming

Pet grooming is usually very tensed for a dog, but not at Fur Ball Story. After a tiring swim, we an take the dogs for a bath and a haircut. Our grooming center is headed by one of the most educated groomers in India, Joyita Sethi. She did her pet grooming course from Grooming Course from California academy of animal aesthetics in association with Dog Care Singapore, and has an experience of over 10 years. Be it a small dog, or a big dog, we can handle them all

Pet Taxi

Uber canceling on you? Ola canceling on you? Just because you have a pet! Don't worry, we got you covered. Our pet taxi will be available for you and your pet to carry you from point A to point B. Be it grooming, a vet visit or a visit to your friend's place. We will make the vehicle available for you. Get in touch with us & let go of your travel woes.