Dog Boarding

Taking a trip? Why not give one to your dog as well? With AC rooms and spacious kennels for dogs, our boarding is one of the highest-rated boarding facilities in the Delhi-NCR region. With us, your pooches are always under care as we have 24X7 CCTV surveillance along with skilled and trained staff who can handle your fur babies well. A day at Fur Ball Story’s dog boarding services for your pets includes

Dog Therapy

Animal assisted therapy or dog therapy involves spending some quality time with a trained therapy animal or dog. We conduct Animal Assisted Therapy in Delhi NCR & Mumbai regions for residences, corporates, schools, NGOs, and other similar organizations. As a part of this, we leverage the stress reduction effect of human-dog interaction, a concept successfully implemented in various industries across the world. We take great pride in sharing that were the first company to introduce this concept in India as we felt that with the country’s growing economy, the stress levels also started increasing at an alarming rate.

Dog Training

Training one’s dog has been considered a luxury for the longest time now, when it’s a need instead. It not only increases your dog’s social skills but also provides him with adequate mental and physical stimulation. Usually, we conduct a minimum of 12-18 training sessions with every dog.

Dog Walking

Do you have a busy schedule? Unable to take out time to walk your dog? Fret not, we have got you covered. Leave it to our team of well-trained professionals to take your dog(s) out for a nice long walk with proper surveillance and time management. We offer the best dog walking services in Delhi NCR. The walks are planned by the pet parent keeping the comfort of the pet as well as the family, in mind.


Hydrotherapy, or water cure, for dogs is a form of occupational or physiotherapy that uses water resistance to rehabilitate injuries and relieve pain. From Greek roots, the word hydrotherapy means “water healing.” But does this type of therapy have benefits for dogs? Let’s find out.

Pet Taxi

Are taxis refusing to let you carry your pet along? Don’t worry, we’ve got your back! Be it grooming, vet visit or a visit to your friend’s place – contact us & we’ll make it happen. The pet taxi service offers safe and amiable dog pick-up and drop-off services. Once you book our service, we pick up your pet and take him to the veterinarian, daycare facility, groomers, or wherever else he needs to go. You can be stress free, for we ensure your pet’s safety, security and full care.

Pet Friendly Cafes

Fur Ball Story provides a multi-cuisine restaurant in Gurugram for you and your pooches. With spacious seating, we provide an enjoyable experience where you can enjoy your food while playing with your pet. Best part? Our dogs are also stationed there. So if you are not a dog parent but a dog lover, our dogs are eagerly waiting to welcome you.